I've been running my 4770K at 4.4GHz/1.165v for years without issue, but yesterday it froze twice while playing 1080p video in MPC-HC. I initially suspected that the video card was at fault, since disabling hardware video decoding seemed to correct the problem. However, the system later blue-screened while running Photoshop.Even after the BSOD, I didn't think that my overclock was causing the instability, so I busted out memtest and let that run for a few hours. The memory came up clean, so I finally decreased core frequency and voltage to 4.3GHz/1.150v. It's completely stable at this speed. So now I'm wondering what on earth happened to my CPU. Why can't it run at 4.4GHz @ 1.165v anymore? I've heard of CPU degradation caused by excessive voltage, but usually at 1.3+ volts accompanied by high temperatures. Has anyone here experienced CPU degradation at lower voltages and temperatures?

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